Wines of 2012

I am going to add my wines of 2012 now, as I know there are a couple of weeks left and I know that I will open some vintage champagne [probably not aged long ecnough], and a red from Washington State with 10years age that could be pretty good, but I don’t thinkit will  make 10 ten, then again maybe.  Outside of that my end of the year wines should be delicious barring any exceptions.

Where do I start, I look at my list, and what I see in the beginning is aged WHITE Burgundy, and I totally agree, with the right amount of age white burg is so damn sexy and fist pumping good! I also notice a lot of white wines in general, lots of chardonnays; also wines with age.

Like everyone says we drink our wines to young and well I agree; Arcadian winery in Santa Barbara likes to hold on to his wines a little bit longer then the average American Winery, his resent release of Chardonnay [visited in April 2012] was 2007, that shows you the patience, know how and believing that you shouldn’t release your wines until ready.

We also have some bigger fruitier wines when young being up there like the E&E and Arcaidian Pinot, but with age the baby fat melts away and its just totally sexy.

Then we have the classics like a Dunn, or a good Champagne from a ‘new wave’ producer. Or the Funky, a Botyrtis affects Chardonnay from Macon; a Oregon Roussane that was pretty darn sexy and was loved by all wine nerds in the room or at least got them thinking!

1992 Remoissenet Père et Fils Puligny-Montrachet (France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Puligny-Montrachet)
1997 Paul Pernot et ses Fils Bâtard-Montrachet (France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru)
2000 Arcadian Pinot Noir Pisoni Vineyard (USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands)
2009 Pyramid Valley Chardonnay Lion’s Tooth Vineyard (New Zealand, South Island, Canterbury, Waipara)
1999 Fontodi Flaccianello della Pieve Colli della Toscana Centrale IGT (Italy, Tuscany, Colli della Toscana Centrale IGT)
2002 Barossa Valley Estate Shiraz E & E Black Pepper (Australia, South Australia, Barossa, Barossa Valley)
2003 Roses de Jeanne / Cédric Bouchard Champagne Inflorescence Blanc de Noirs La Parcelle (France, Champagne)
2006 Dönnhoff Schloßböckelheimer Felsenberg Riesling Spätlese (Germany, Nahe)
2008 Boekenhoutskloof Sémillon (South Africa, Coastal Region, Paarl, Franschhoek Valley)
1995 Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley (USA, California, Napa Valley)
2009 Domaine Guillemot-Michel Mâcon-Villages Quintaine (France, Burgundy, Mâconnais, Mâcon-Villages)
2010 Phantasi Roussanne (USA, Oregon, Southern Oregon)

USA Here I Come

Mid August to Mid September I will be embarking on a wine adventure, plus throw in some Fish Tacos, maybe try n surf and well just enjoy the month.

Heading down to San Diego of all places to relax and taste some wines with friends and maybe hit the local wineries in the hills .  Yes San Diego not a well known wine region for sure, but there are some Old Vines of Carignan, Zinfandel, and other spattering of grapes and of course new plantings too.  The temperature is Mediterranean Warm with cool ocean breezes, cooling being in quotes coming from a Canadian.  I have tried some exciting Mouvedre Rose, some Inky Petite Sirah.

So all in All I am excited to say the least

Ojai Winery Visit [Ojai California]

The Visit to Ojai starts with me getting out of bed at 4am; off to the airport to fly to LAX. My ride was there to pick me up and whisk us both to Ojai with minimal sleep. Ojai is inbetween LA and Santa Barbara plus a little drive inland [not to much but off the highway nonetheless]. Getting lost a couple times driving around in a residential area, only to find out that the winery is right there.

Adam Tolmach owner and winemaker of Ojai greeted us as we pulled into his winemaking facility, couple Barns filled with Barrels, and a old water tank that was his Wine Lab.

We started first with Barrel Samples, which I always find so fascinating, in the barrels the wine is alive not cramped into a little tiny bottle showing its potential

Barrel Samples
 2011 chardonnay (half way through malo) barrel sample harvested 21brix bien nacido young vines
 Fresh green fruit| honey, hint of lemon, med body....
 2011 chard old vines bien nacido, barrel sample, no malo
 Richer, ripe apples, not much malo started, tart green fruit/ fresh
 2011 Solomon hills chard barrel sample creamy rich delicious - so chablis like minerally excellent
 2011 port de mar barrel - new planting, 5th leaf
 bigger fruit, tropical
 2011 kick on vineyard, PinotN 22 BRIX
 Elegant, floral, pretty good fruit structure
 2011 kick on vine. Pinot 24brix
 Bigger fatter, good balance
 2011 bien nacido Old Vines (0.5t acre)
 Big fruit rich herbal
 2011 fe ciega (blind faith)
 2011 sebastian vie. BS
 Exotic, brambly
 2011sangiove s e
 2011 syrah bien nacido

After the barrels Adam went in to his Storage and grabbed a mixed case to try.  All of Ojai wines have that focus where you can feel the winemakers touch, good focus, each vineyard showing what it has to show.  Beautiful! Below are my notes from what was tasted posted on Cellartracker

OJAI WINERY VISIT WITH ADAM – Ojai Winery, Ojai (4/12/2012)

Tasted Wines with Owner Adam Tolmach at his Winery in Ojai


  • 2009 Ojai Chardonnay Santa Barbara County– USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara CountyTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedcaramel rich, so balanced, tropical
  • 2009 Ojai Chardonnay Solomon Hills Vineyard– USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Maria ValleyTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedMinerally interesting, .I like –I like Solomon Hills Chardonnay in general I found out from the area
  • 2010 Ojai Viognier Roll Ranch Vineyard– USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara CountyTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedFresh round, acid, clean lean style [not your big Plush Viognier] I enjoyed this tho I do prefer the bigger style Viognier
  • 2010 Ojai Sauvignon Blanc McGinley– USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Ynez ValleyTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedLoire valley style, good acidty, back bone, green tropical
  • 2011 Ojai Rosé– USA, CaliforniaTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedbottled march 31/2012 tasted april 13/2012 (fob 108cs)
    Aromas lightpeach
    Clean, big, watermelon/red flesh and white, peaches,stone fruit (bought2 btl) (92 pts.)
  • 2010 Ojai Riesling Kick On– USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara CountyTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedPetrol, green clean


  • 2009 Ojai Pinot Noir Bien Nacido Vineyard– USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Maria ValleyTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedBig spicy, interesting, dark(ness)
  • 2009 Ojai Pinot Noir Fe Ciega Vineyard– USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Rita Hills – Sta. Rita HillsTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedStemmy, youthful, lipstickfruit, elegant (91 pts.)
  • 2007 Ojai Syrah Roll Ranch Vineyard– USA, California, Central CoastTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedBig rich, dark
  • 2008 Ojai Syrah Melville Vineyard– USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Rita Hills – Sta. Rita HillsTasting with Adam, went through Barrels to Bottles, notes of limited due to quantity of wine tastedStill big more elegant / floral

Wines were excellent n Balanced

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California – April 2012

Heading off to California for some wine tasting naturally, through in some food, and knowing the wine field meet amazing wine people and be friends for life.  It happens a lot especially with wine people


First Stop will be Ojai Vineyard [as I was told I have to go there first as its on the ‘way’]

Then off to Paso Robles, furthest from LAX . Stopping at Turley Wine Cellar on way into the city! Then the next day a full day of tasting. Plans are Tablas Creek, gives me an excuse to visit Chateau Beaucsatel, then again do I really need a excuse to visit Southern France? No didnt think so.

Next Stop Santa Barbara, bunch of places to go too, All I know is I have reservations at Montecito Inn.  Everything else I’ll plan last minute

Alright Now to plan the last half of my trip



Top 10 Wines of 2011

For me this has been a year of Chardonnay & Champagne.

2011 What a interesting ride it has been, ups and downs, lefts and rights; all over the place with some of my best wines to date.  The year began with me starting to  enjoy Chardonnays, especially oaked. Up until this point I just could not stomach them for whatever the reason. [To this day I have no idea why it changed. It wasn’t really a stylistic change that I was leaning to but I dont know how to put it.] But Chardonnay when it’s good its OMG good.

Champagne, well I’ve always loved champagne, but  it was hard  for me to find a reason to drink champagne by myself, well I mean you could but it not the same. It asks to be shared, and this year allowed me to share champagne, and with that it meant I bought more and shared more. Yes I’ve had some amazing Champagne [think there are two below] and yes I have even called champagne boring, oh the horror!

Now what makes my top 10 wines of the year? Are they the top 10 scored wines by what I entered into Cellartracker?  For me no.  What the wine needs is to be amazing; you need to remember it; where you were; with whom you had it with; and maybe why the reason you opened it.  Maybe it was a special occasion wine, or a ‘hey lets open this wine tonight’ wine. Whatever the wine it has to be firing on all cylinders at the end of the day, they are the wines that imprint on your memory forever. Whether enjoyed by yourself, or with others.

TOP 10!

1974 Camille Giroud Corton-Charlemagne – This wine was my number one of the year hands down.  This wine imprints on your memory, this wine is so good it doesn’t matter who the company is, friend or foe.  This wine overwrites that! Now I’ve had this wine twice in a year; first time it was good but died after 2hrs [started to oxidize really fast after that].  But OMG Bottle number two! Amazing; the Power; the Elegance; the Freshness the Fruit the… the… the…everything this wine wins hands down.

1994 Domaine Auguste Clape Cornas – This Cemented by love for wines with the right amount of age, I’ve had OLD Wines this year, but this is at its Peak of enjoyment, where it hits all those points and all you want to do is drink these types of wines every day. How I came across this wine was from my NYC trip dinner at Bar Boulud Michael Madrigale Sommelier recommended this wine he had just bought at auction. I big thanks to Drod for having that connection with the Sommelier, to share something from his cellar that wasn’t even on the list and for a steal of a price too [Well coming from BC, Canada everything is almost a steal of a price].

1996 Bruno Paillard Champagne Assemblage Brut – What to say about aged Champagne, amazing? Yes! It even reminded me a bit of the 74, the way the fruit was so ripe and fleshy but not over the top.  I do remember this night indeed it started with this while trying out my new pasta maker, also some sablefish in a dashi broth. The wine was so good that dinner really didn’t get started to later because we just sat back and enjoyed this,  all I know is at the end it was all of a sudden 2am on a work night ut oh! But could wine can make time just fly by, it can transport you.

2004 Domaine Amiot Guy et Fils Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru La Maltroie – This wine is interesting, this was near the beginning of the year. I was starting to like Chardonnay, had a friend over for dinner who I knew loved Chardonnay. I wanted to impress them so a chardonnay would do! I wanted something that I would enjoy; I knew to stay away from new world chards  for the time being as I knew it might be a 50/50 gamble with me. This wine is what made me truly appreciate/understand how good a chardonnay could be. It was that Ah Ha! Moment. Coming from the much underrated 2004 vintages for whites which gets over shadowed by the much lauded 2005 vintage.  What amazing wines we can find in the ‘lesser’ vintages.

1993 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon – Lets see

  • BYOB in New York City [check].
  •  A bunch of wine lovers at Tribeca Grill [check]
  • 498 wines glasses used[Check].

That equals one pretty awesome night, so many amazing wines, a Kistler Chardonnay thrown in there. IF I remember correctly near the end of the meal I went and searched out that bottle and declared the last 1/3 for me and the people beside me.

1983 Pio Cesare Dolcetto d’Alba – 83 DOLCETTO! Seriously and it was amazing.  Enough Said really, well that and Pio Cesare.

2005 La Pèira Vin de Pays de l’Hérault Deusyls – I had just read Justgrapeswine review on this and knew it would be right up my alley. Fat, Rich and Delicious.  This was even on my 2011 wine resolution [to drink more white Rhone’s/South of France], this being in that style.  Utterly Delicious I went back and bought another bottle from Marquis Wine Cellar.

2008 Peter Michael Chardonnay Belle Côte – I must thank Steve for sharing this wine from his cellar, an amazing wine had in Eugene, Oregon. A Special day indeed.

NV/2005  Larmandier-Bernier Champagne Terre de Vertus 1er Cru Brut Nature – Someone I know called this wine ‘Lemon Pie in a Glass’.  Whay do you say after that? And to think only bought this because It was sent back from a restaurant that was closing, and the label looked different; I said why not. Opened the one bottle to share, so good went back and bought the last remaining two.   I am glad I have one more bottle left of this, and I know who to share it with too. [Disgorged 03/08 [march 2008]]

2000 Langmeil Shiraz The Freedom – This wine opened my eyes to Australia, this was the AH HA! Moment. The younger vintages were just youthful, big and oaky, but as they shed their outer skin something beautiful was inside, and oh was it beautiful! And to think I would of never known unless I went to a vertical tasting of these wines. What I learned drinking them young does not do them justice at all. It is a disservice!

Honourable Mentions

N.V. Pierre Paillard Champagne Brut Rosé – My Official House Rose Bubbles split a case with wine friends, discovered this year, just like the Larmandier saw it on the shelf looked interesting [was another restaurant send back]

2007 Larkmead Vineyards Firebelle – An Amazing Napa wine, so good, all their wines are actually really good. Big thanks to Paul for sharing this from his cellar with us.

**N.V. Hijos de Rainera Perez Marin Jerez-Xérès-Sherry La Guita Manzanilla – Ahhh a NV Sherry, I wanted to put this in my top 10, but I just couldn’t justify it due to the fact it’s a NV. [It should technically be  the same year after year if fresh]. So Delicious! Maybe it was the anchovies that made it that much better? To think it was bought at a random wine store in NYC near 94th street? couple blocks east of 5th avenue. Talked to the employee in the store about wine, hockey the Philadelphia Flyers & Vancouver Canucks. He was rooting for them during the playoff as by then it was the conference finals


December 21st 2011 #BCWineChat on twitter will be talking about Inter provincial Wine Shipments in Canada.

A Interesting subject to say the least, to see how laws written way back when, when Puritian laws were seen as good for society. is a group trying to change Inter provincial WIne Shipments in Canada, I know there is a private members bill in front of Parliment as we speak.

Also Mark Hicken a local Vancouver lawyer, runs which use to have an awesome calculator to see how expensive wine can be bringing it across the board from the states.  Tho cant seem to find it anymore



Round up of Top Wines for 2011 [not my top 10!] but DAMN Good

Someone I know said was the wine really that good or just the company? Maybe we will never know. I’d like to think its a bit of both, a connection to the wine to the place, to the people, or person you are with/at that very moment in time.

The beauty of Cellartracker is that you can pull up all types of reports, from what you scored you wines, then by region or by time, or both.  And of course everyone’s favorite pulling up how much you spend on wine, by month, or quarter or yearly, but this post isn’t about that.

So I went through what I tasted up until December 14th [I still dont know if the wines from now on out will be amazing, and maybe Ill do a follow up post if there are] but These are Jan 1st to December 14th.

Now I know some of these people are thinking what! Not your top ten especially the people I drank them with, I mean really some of these can be switched up in there but, my top 10 list I made for a specific reason.  Everything worked out in those top ten moments, the Wine,  the people, and that Ah Ha! Moment.

2001 Château Rieussec – I have had this wine twice now and both times at the end of the night after DRINKING wine and not spitting, the problem with that is I have never properly sat down and tasted it, I know its good but I really don’t know how good.

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There are Old Wines, then there are OLD Wines

OLD Wines are an interesting thing to behold.

How do you express what drinking an OLD wine those below are like [maybe minus the 1982].  There are old wines that when drunk at their peak they are as some critics would put it 100pts wines, or wines at the peak of enjoyment. Which I totally understand within the last year I’ve had a couple of these wines a 93 Caymus and a 94 Clape [Cornas] that when drinking them were utterly beautiful that linger in your brain, well probably forever.

Then you have these OLD wines, they are in a way like…Forgive before hand as I try not to insulalt anyone.  They are like a Retired old person, the guy at legion, the lady at tea shop.  Who have these stories to tell.  Some of them are Fantastic, some are interesting, some are just well you listen and don’t know what to make of it.  Thats how I find OLD wines, sometimes the story hearing them once is fine [One sip and your good] sometimes the story is fascinating, and you just want to hear it over and over again, even tho you can not connect with that actually story [think WW2 stories to a generation that has never experienced a modern war] .  Then there are stories that you don’t want to hear but you hear them anyways because you need to, just to understand.

To me that is how I explain OLD wines, they have a story to tell they are not the most ‘beautiful’ stories in a sense of perfection as they are pass their prime [outside their generation gap] but yet you want to hear/expierence them for what they are.

Enjoy the tasting notes, how do you explain a wine that is 50+ years old that isn’t oxidized or bad?

OLD WINES [1959 – 1982 ] – Vancouver (12/3/2011)

A Selection of Old Wines, Mainly Italian, and one French, which was Terrible!

  • 1970 Cantine Sociali Riunite Antico Piemonte – Italy, Piedmont

    This wine was short lived, was looking pretty rough from the start, but it had enough life in it 5-10mins so a sip or two for everyone in the room then it just went Mud brown right before our eyes

    Conc: An Experience to see a wine die this fast. Amazing

  • 1964 Cascina Montaldo Barbera d’Alba Giovanni Scanavino – Italy, Piedmont, Alba, Barbera d’Alba

    This wine had some life in it, Acidity for sure, touch of VA to keep it ‘fresh’ touch of red fruit, a interesting wine to taste thats for sure.

  • 1959 Casa Vinicola Flli Chiarusi Chianti Rùfina Pomino – Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Chianti Rùfina

    No Formal Tasting Notes

    The Colour on this wine was unbeleivable dark, It looked in the decanter almost Opaque, I didnt take a close enough look to even see if there was any garnet. The fruit pure and still much there, of course it was in the develping stage but the acidity was amazing . This wine was fantastic at over 50yrs old.

  • 1976 Château Batailley – France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac

    No Formal Tasting Note
    This wine was disappointing, the one thing I would say is the mouth feel on this wine was amazing, the texture fantastic, the colour still dark and fresh looking, but in the mouth a touch of fruit then it falls of a cliff, No Finish no nothing after the initial 1sec fruit then drying tannin no fruit no finish

    Conc: A Cliff wine (79 pts.)

  • 1968 Bertani Recioto della Valpolicella Amarone Classico Superiore – Italy, Veneto, Valpolicella, Recioto della Valpolicella

    Another End of the Night Wine.

    The Notes are definitely not formal, this wine was pretty damn good, the Heaviness of youthful Amarone fruit is gone, its mellowed, its not a dry wine, maybe a touch off dry but the acidity balance that tout, the fruit is still present. I can see why this is Franks Favorite wine

    I can also see why a sommelier in a restaurant would stear a person away from ordering this wine, if they dint know what they were getting into as its not a youthful type of Amarone so elegant

    Found my notes! Kinda
    A:Med Intensity, Developed. Really Really Floral Like crazy Germanium type of Floral. Chocolate Shavings
    T:Med+Intensity med+finish, med- tannin
    Gorgerous Red Fruit, Chocolate (94 pts.)

  • 1982 Fontanafredda Barbaresco – Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco

    End of Tasting Wine, Notes not formal

    Colour was a light ruby, maybe a hint of garnet, the fruit was still there tannins soft, all around a very enjoyable wine to drink (92 pts.)

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Washinton State Wines

I opened yesterday a Washington State wine, by Buty the 2009 Merlot/Cab Franc.  Instantly it just brings me back to why I love Washington State red wines, it has that youthful exuberant fruit [when drunk young] that is so engaging, and then it has the structure of tannins and acid that brings it all together without being over the top.  I think because of this it is one of those regions that just excites me.  Now to write about my OLD wine drinking experience may take some working out but this wine does help with that.

  • 2009 Buty Merlot/Cabernet Franc– USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (12/10/2011)Opaque
    Day 1
    A: Med Intensity
    Raspberry, Hint of Dark Mocha Chocolate, earthy
    T: Dry, High Acid, Med tannin Med+ intensity, long finish
    raspberry, bright, coffee/cream
    Conc: Day 1 its youthful 89pts
    Day 2
    The nose comes together in that delicious raspberry/cassis note, with delicious sweet cream. the palate dark fruit ripe but balanced,Conc: Its what washington state wine is that ripe fruit but with that great acidic back bone and tannins 91pts (90 points)

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Chateau Beaucastel Vertical Tasting [94-08]

Attending a vertical tasting of the same producer is really one of the most educational things to for ones brain and palate. To understand how  a wine develops and of course how the vintages differ.  Its always cool during one of these tasting that someone will say ‘this doesn’t taste like the same producer’.  Which to me makes it fascinating, it just shows you how the year was.

I’ve had the opportunity to do a couple vertical tasting now one of a Barossa Shiraz [which just shows how that youthful fruit fades/integrates, and same with the oak into something beautiful] and one from a new producer Osoyoos Larose [which shows that young vines really dont age].

Going into the Beaucastel tasting I was expecting a big ole Brett Party, and I was a little disappointed that I didn’t, because I was already had my 80s Bandana Ready, knee high socks, some thick rim glasses but NO.  What I found was maybe a couple vintages with a hint of Brett, and you know what maybe it was more of the Mourvèdre

Below are my tasting notes. You will notice that as we got to the end of the tasting my notes were less detailed, one maybe due to the alcohol as we were not spitting [which I don’t like for writing notes] and the fact that the younger wines just didnt taste ready like the older ones so I became disenfranchised of the newer vintages, they were not ready to drink.  Another thing that did stand out was the labels, From 94 to 99 they all seemed to state 13% alc, then the 00 to 05 was 14% and the ’07 and ’08 were 14.5%. My Question is what is the true %, and were the just reusing the same label, was the vintage is on the next on its on label. Thoughts to ponder!

VERTICAL OF BEAUCASTEL [94-08 MINUS CPL YRS] – Vancouver, BC (12/3/2011)

A Vertical of Beaucastel, Minus 1996, 2002, 2006

  • 1994 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeMed Ruby
    A: Med Intensity, Developing
    Currant Jelly, Stem/Earth, Light Leather notes, smokey leather to be exact
    T: med+ intensity, med body, med to med+intensity, long finish
    A Youthful Currant Jelly, Leather/Smk, Spicey Raisin GrapeConc: Has an elegance to this wine, with opening up to a raisin note
  • 1995 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeA: Med Intensity, Developing
    Leather/Funk, Peppery not subtle
    T: High Acid, Med+ Intensity, Med+ Finish
    Intensely Focused, the brightness is so youthful. Leather/Spice, Youthful leather tho. Coffee, Vegetal/Cooked Not RawConc: So Youthful/Concentration is there but not ‘massive’
    This has another 15years of life!
  • 1998 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeMed Intensity, DevelopingCrazy Fresh Pepper! Creamy/Cherry Creamsicle, amazing acidity focus. Hits all the spots.
    Med+ Acid to high acid, med tannins
    Chocolate, Cherry/Creamsicle deliciousness, Cola SpiceConc: as they say firing on all cylinders. Exceptional
    Beside the 95, more structure, more complete (95 pts.)
  • 1999 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-Papemed+ Intensity, Getting close to the funk/brett
    Honey/Syrup, Youthful/Rich
    Med+Body, med Intensity
    Licorice, Chewy Cherry, Berry fruitConc: A little bit more on the riper side
  • 2000 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeMed+ Intensity, Medicine/over the top fruit
    T: Med+ Acid, Med+ Body, med+Finish
    Big Fruit, Ripe, SpiceConc: I first wrote down ‘needs time’ and youthful, but going back to and from whatever says in the room, it just doesn’t seem to be there, and I dont know if time will do it justice [taking a quick over at CT notes it seems maybe it does need time/a good decant]
  • 2001 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeStructure is there, Balanced for sure, coming across with that youthful ‘baby fat’ fruit notes, and ham fat, cranberry/cherrySome notes I wrote down ‘Spicy’ ‘meaty’ ‘elegant’Conc: I know a couple people really picked this one to be there beaucastel WOTN. I think this will be excellent in 5-10 years for sure (93 pts.)
  • 2003 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeMossy/Fresh Forest Floor, Meaty [Chicken]
    Med+ Acid, med/med+ tannin, med+ body, long FinishFresh, Big, Structuredconc: from my notes this seems to be another one for the long haul, just too young but excellent (92 pts.)
  • 2004 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeClosed Nose, Nothing [everyone in the room agreed]Med body, med+ intensity, med+ acid
    Bitter finish, baby fat fruit, spice dark chocolateConc: Might of shut down for the tasting
  • 2005 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeLooks like I skipped over this wine. Is that good or bad?
  • 2007 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeA: Med Int
    Mushroom, Touch of Fruit
    T: med+ Acid, med+ body, med+ tannin, med+ int, med+ finish
    Big Fruit, Chocolate, Dark/ConcentratedConc: Dark Structure, youthful, would like to see how it develops. This coming off from the ‘hot/ripe’ 07 (90 pts.)
  • 2008 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape– France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-PapeLooks like no notes, think this was too young for me to even bother to write anything down after everything else

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