There are Old Wines, then there are OLD Wines

OLD Wines are an interesting thing to behold.

How do you express what drinking an OLD wine those below are like [maybe minus the 1982].  There are old wines that when drunk at their peak they are as some critics would put it 100pts wines, or wines at the peak of enjoyment. Which I totally understand within the last year I’ve had a couple of these wines a 93 Caymus and a 94 Clape [Cornas] that when drinking them were utterly beautiful that linger in your brain, well probably forever.

Then you have these OLD wines, they are in a way like…Forgive before hand as I try not to insulalt anyone.  They are like a Retired old person, the guy at legion, the lady at tea shop.  Who have these stories to tell.  Some of them are Fantastic, some are interesting, some are just well you listen and don’t know what to make of it.  Thats how I find OLD wines, sometimes the story hearing them once is fine [One sip and your good] sometimes the story is fascinating, and you just want to hear it over and over again, even tho you can not connect with that actually story [think WW2 stories to a generation that has never experienced a modern war] .  Then there are stories that you don’t want to hear but you hear them anyways because you need to, just to understand.

To me that is how I explain OLD wines, they have a story to tell they are not the most ‘beautiful’ stories in a sense of perfection as they are pass their prime [outside their generation gap] but yet you want to hear/expierence them for what they are.

Enjoy the tasting notes, how do you explain a wine that is 50+ years old that isn’t oxidized or bad?

OLD WINES [1959 – 1982 ] – Vancouver (12/3/2011)

A Selection of Old Wines, Mainly Italian, and one French, which was Terrible!

  • 1970 Cantine Sociali Riunite Antico Piemonte – Italy, Piedmont

    This wine was short lived, was looking pretty rough from the start, but it had enough life in it 5-10mins so a sip or two for everyone in the room then it just went Mud brown right before our eyes

    Conc: An Experience to see a wine die this fast. Amazing

  • 1964 Cascina Montaldo Barbera d’Alba Giovanni Scanavino – Italy, Piedmont, Alba, Barbera d’Alba

    This wine had some life in it, Acidity for sure, touch of VA to keep it ‘fresh’ touch of red fruit, a interesting wine to taste thats for sure.

  • 1959 Casa Vinicola Flli Chiarusi Chianti Rùfina Pomino – Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Chianti Rùfina

    No Formal Tasting Notes

    The Colour on this wine was unbeleivable dark, It looked in the decanter almost Opaque, I didnt take a close enough look to even see if there was any garnet. The fruit pure and still much there, of course it was in the develping stage but the acidity was amazing . This wine was fantastic at over 50yrs old.

  • 1976 Château Batailley – France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Pauillac

    No Formal Tasting Note
    This wine was disappointing, the one thing I would say is the mouth feel on this wine was amazing, the texture fantastic, the colour still dark and fresh looking, but in the mouth a touch of fruit then it falls of a cliff, No Finish no nothing after the initial 1sec fruit then drying tannin no fruit no finish

    Conc: A Cliff wine (79 pts.)

  • 1968 Bertani Recioto della Valpolicella Amarone Classico Superiore – Italy, Veneto, Valpolicella, Recioto della Valpolicella

    Another End of the Night Wine.

    The Notes are definitely not formal, this wine was pretty damn good, the Heaviness of youthful Amarone fruit is gone, its mellowed, its not a dry wine, maybe a touch off dry but the acidity balance that tout, the fruit is still present. I can see why this is Franks Favorite wine

    I can also see why a sommelier in a restaurant would stear a person away from ordering this wine, if they dint know what they were getting into as its not a youthful type of Amarone so elegant

    Found my notes! Kinda
    A:Med Intensity, Developed. Really Really Floral Like crazy Germanium type of Floral. Chocolate Shavings
    T:Med+Intensity med+finish, med- tannin
    Gorgerous Red Fruit, Chocolate (94 pts.)

  • 1982 Fontanafredda Barbaresco – Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco

    End of Tasting Wine, Notes not formal

    Colour was a light ruby, maybe a hint of garnet, the fruit was still there tannins soft, all around a very enjoyable wine to drink (92 pts.)

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